Quitting Your Job To Travel The World

I already know what you’re thinking. We can’t all do this.

And you’re right. It’s not for everybody.

Think about how hard of a decision it is to make. To get rid of all your belongings- all the things that make you a so-called adult and go after something regardless of the consequences, the judgments, and the unknown. It’s so risky, irresponsible, it’s ballsy, it’s- passionate.

I love that.


We think about someone who is traveling for a year and we all (generalizing a bit) immediately think “well, must be nice- but I have responsibilities.” It’s not that these people didn’t have any. It’s that they made travel a priority because it is something that they are passionate about. If you’ve never enjoyed something so much that you even embrace the cons that come with it because it makes you feel alive… well, I wish that for you. I really do.

We all make traveling abroad this unattainably expensive thing that we all lust for but only a few go after. It’s sold to us as expensive. Vacations, cruises, etc. We even start to believe that it will take us a year to save up for. When in reality, you can travel. Maybe you can’t drop everything and do it right at this moment. I get it, some of have more things to settle than others… a mortgage, a car payment, etc. But there are different types of travel and it doesn’t have to involve uprooting your life. If you really, truly wanted to go somewhere- well, you would. You’d put the money aside and you’d make it a priority.

San Juan De Gaztelugatxe, Spain

The cost of living (of course depending on where you go) is actually pretty inexpensive in most places. Some of the most beautiful views are free to see. Not only that but there are all kinds of platforms that make even your lodging cost next to nothing or completely free as well (ex: AirBnb, Housesitting, Workaway, Couchsurfing, etc).  So let’s be realistic here, the only thing stopping you is that you haven’t taken a step towards actually going.

A little tough love- but taking this into account… what are you REALLY passionate about? What makes life worth living? What fills your heart with indescribable joy? What do you put extra effort towards?

Santander, Spain

Taking a year off to travel is not for everybody- but the passion that those people have to be able to do that, that’s the kind of passion we could all benefit from finding. That’s the kind of passion we should all have towards something.

Happy New Year!


***All photos featured were taken in areas that are free to access and were taken by Jordin Nikole.*** 



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7 thoughts on “Quitting Your Job To Travel The World

  1. Real words that were much needed! I’ve been thinking about that but with general blogging, you know? Quitting your desk job and dedicating yourself to blogging only. Amazing post, Jordin, and awesome blog as well!


  2. So good to hear this! I think monetizing a blog is tons of hard work but as long as you are putting in the effort (and for me its just enjoyable), something will come out of it. Go for it and best of luck!!!


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