Hey guys,

I’m Jordin Nikole.

Over the past few years I discovered my passion for travel— or the need for it rather.

I was born in the overpopulated oil town of Odessa, Texas. So yes, the earliest days of my childhood were spent in a huge yard full of dirt that I loved to play and dig in. I shared that backyard with every random animal my grandparents decided they wanted in there— llamas, goats, doves, rabbits, geese, dogs, etc.— …all next to their neighbors’… wait for it… ostriches. You’re jealous. I just know it. Anyway, it was actually a lot of fun. I can honestly say that I spent a lot of my childhood outside playing, discovering, wandering, and occasionally taunting ostriches and watching my younger cousin try to steal its eggs (poor things). Despite other hardships that came along, it was a good life. At no point did my 7-year old self think that I would be traveling through Europe completely alone.

I’m no stranger to moving around. I grew up in a couple different areas of Texas but I’ve always felt the most connected to the Austin area, where I’ve lived the longest (by the way if you ever have the chance to visit Texas- that’s where you should go). As goes the story, I had a taste of travel and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

My first trip to Europe was through an expensive study abroad summer semester with my University. While it was a great experience- traveling alone as an adult was far greater. After going back home and studying for another year, I decided to do an entire semester abroad (6 months). I moved thousands and thousands of miles away to Bilbao, Spain and I suppose that is really how this all began. To make things short, I was able to find a method to stay in Europe longer than 6 months — as an Au Pair in Germany.

After about 2 years in Europe, I returned to Texas for 9-ish months to spend time with family. I found a cubicle job for The State of Texas and worked my way up, and it was, well… I hated it. I got into the 9-5 (more like 7-7) schedule, worked hard and worked overtime almost every day of the week, knowing that this is not how I envisioned my life. I saved up comp hours, overtime hours, and sick hours, then quit and moved to New York (having never even visited before then). Super professional, I know.

Having prior experience working with children, I realized that I had inadvertently built up a decent nanny resume. I did some research and I knew that I’d be able to earn the most working in Beverly Hills, CA or Manhattan, NY. About three days before flying to NYC I thought it was going to be CA— but that’s neither here nor there. This move did not go as smoothly as it is about to sound, but after much patience and tons of stress, I was able to land a nanny job off of Park Ave. I suddenly found myself with that family in Dubai and the Maldives over Christmas break, which satisfied my need to go abroad for a little while at least.

Velaa Private Island, Maldives

January came around fairly quickly and I woke up one morning convinced that I was going to travel to all 196 sovereign countries in the world… in record time (slow down now Jordin— Trump is already “trying” to build a wall).

Politics and (still) increasingly bad US relations spoiled that already-difficult idea. So instead, my boyfriend (whom I admire so much) convinced me to wait a little longer so we could save and plan for an open-ended travel experience throughout Europe.

So here we are folks. I worked three jobs, he worked overtime, we saved, and I am presently introducing you to my travel blog from an Airbnb in Santander, Spain. If you stay with me—which I hope you do—you’ll be filled in on all the ins and outs of our experiences thus far: Travel tips, inspiration, and daily life on the road.


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